Online Training Management

MAMUNHAYDEN-IT is a multipurpose online E-learning solutions, that caters to all needs of Educational Institutions to manage its’ administration & e-learning related activities. MAMUNHYADEN-IT helps the educational schools, institutes, colleges and the students to meet their online educational demands.

Indeed we help to change the contemporary process of education management and improve efficiencies also the overall growth of the students’ career with the induction of smart Online E-learning Solutions. Our smart solutions offers a user-friendly and integrated platform with a complete suite of gateway to provide students, faculty and alumni with 24*7 access to the information that are needed.

We offer the best and cutting-edge solutions that provides the entire feature and functionalities to efficiently run your institute and manage the different e-learning processes in a educational institution like –

Advantages of MAMUNHAYDEN-IT:

  • Online Study Materials with Relevant Coursework.
  • Auto Work Assignments & Homework
  • Online Test & Its Assessment
  • Online Exam Preparation & Online Tests Study
  • Supervision Conferencing through Email & Chat Options.
  • Effective E-learning Solutions
  • Cost Effective (One Time Investment)
  • Acquire E-Workplace & Online Learning Experience
  • Impart Live Long Learning
  • Updated With Latest Industry Trends
  • Improve Inter Personal Attributes
  • Globally Accessible
  • Record Keeping with Ease & Security
  • Reduces Manpower Resources
  • Reliability