New Internet Marketing Strategy – Social Media Advertising

Looking back at the old times when internet marketing was just starting, we can all say that things are so different now. Lots of things have changed and clearly, the competition has grown to a whole new level. One of the strategies that have the biggest impact in promoting every business is social media advertising.

In fact, in 2014, statistics show that the spending for newspaper advertising was exceeded by internet advertising. The social media’s biggest name, Facebook, generated nearly $3 billion from its advertising revenue according to its reports in the later part of 2014. Twitter shares the same plot of the story by apprising that 85% of its revenue comes from the same source. Indeed, no one could ever deny the game-changing effect of social media campaigns.

StumbleUpon, P interest, Twitter, Facebook and other social media members are all customers in one way or another. No wonder why it’s almost impossible not to generate sales from posting ads on these social networking sites, considering the millions of users and possible customers you could reach. Creating numerous social media accounts per networking site would be very great. How much more when you start incorporating your contents between these sites by means of linking.

Before we go on further about combining your efforts on each site, let’s not also forget to also focus your attention on carefully studying each networking site individually. Every online social networking service works differently. Members will have various ways of interacting, depending on the website’s platform. What all these lead us to is the conclusion that before fusing them make sure you have carefully studied each site’s identity. For every channel, study the interaction, your reach to your audience and the profile of your possible followers and audience.

Even though advertising on social media greatly involves posting of pictures, videos, events, ads and a whole lot more on your page, one effective game plan you might want to add is doing “meet ups” in order to have personal interaction with your audience. One can never underestimate the wonders of being able to interact with people face to face.

It would also be helpful to still use classic internet marketing approach such as SEO, back linking and other methods if you are really aiming for sales and conversions. Never miss the opportunity of adding activity feeds on your own website so that your regular visitors remain updated. Post regularly but avoid reaching spam level. Making 2-3 posts daily is actually good enough to keep your audience updated in social media advertising.