App development has seen a lot of advancement in the past few years. With high demand from users for apps which are easy to navigate and offer intuitive user interface, there are a lot of iphone app development companies which have come to the fore. Each and every application has to meet the standards set by Apple so as to reduce any security threat to the consumers and offer them a superlative experience.

ipad offers a great user experience with features that include multi-touch to multi- tasking facilities. This offers a great platform for apps development. One can use the large screens for many purposes which includes reading books, documents, making presentations on the go. When it comes to performance, usability and portability; ipads prove to be way ahead of the laptops which are bulky.

An ipad application development company has multiple areas to work upon. Other than the gaming solutions which are in great demand, the apps which are more towards offering users comfort in handling their official and business works through the ipad are gaining a lot of popularity.

Android Apps development

Another area which has brought a paradigm shift in the way the users experienced their mobile phones is the development of the android in October 2008.Most of the devices be it Smartphone’s, tablets and others all run on the android platform. One can understand the popularity of the Android from the fact that within 2 years of its launch there were around 675000 apps available on the platform and around 25 billion downloads from the play store.

Any android application development company needs to follow a standard operating procedure so as to develop the app well in time and offer a great user experience. The applications should have scalability so that changes could be incorporated over a period of time without making much changes in the core structure.

Here are some facts which indicate the trends pertaining to the usage of mobile phones and the apps related to the same.

  1. Mobile presence has reached the levels of 90% and beyond.
  2. Around 56% of the people possess a Smartphone.
  3. Mobile Internet surfing has reached the levels of 50%.
  4. Mobile users spend 80% of their time using different mobile apps.
  5. 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week. 73% of those who own a tablet go for online purchase every week.

Ever since the launch of first iphone in the year 2010, the mobile experience and computing has changed a lot. More and more people are using the Smartphone’s for the apps and internet access and slowly but surely these devices are getting indispensable for people.