Strategy, Planning and Ideation

The quality of game design ultimately depends on creativity and vision. Ability to transform this creative vision into a flawless and engaging player experience is what makes the difference between awesomeness and mediocrity. At MAMUNHAYDEN-IT we understand this. Our goal is to go beyond mere development aspects and provide you with a team of dedicated game developers and product managers with a track record. We will work with you on every aspect of your game, from iterating on initial idea and building an exciting storyboard to crafting an amazing and addictive user experience.

Native or Cross-platform Development?

Android and iOS devices account for more than 90% of the smart phone market. If you want to get your app in the hands of the masses, you really need to be on both platforms. There are many benefits in native development for both devices and our team is very passionate about developing native, however many startups have limited time and resources. Fortunately, writing two apps is not the only option and you can opt for cross-platform development, allowing you to publish your game on both devices. Our team uses Unity3D, which ensures we can develop secure, high quality games for smart phones and tablets, iOS as well as Android. As a result we can bring your game to market faster, at better cost, providing you with a potentially important business advantage.

Production and Project Management

Projects are driven forward through key stages of design, development and deployment by dedicated product managers, all of whom are experienced game producers and product strategists. Our product managers have worked on a wide range of top-selling, international projects which have cumulatively achieved tens of millions of downloads. Using this experience; they will take your project from crafting an amazing user experience to implementing an effective monetization and business strategy. Our people have built a strong reputation for delivering on time and budget.

Art, Level & Game Design

At MAMUNHAYDEN-IT, we approach each element of design work as a separate craft. Each project has a dedicated

  • Art designer focused on creating background and character art
  • A level designer who works on scripting events and building environments in order to create levels that make the game look realistic and engaging
  • And a game designer working on overall look, feel and the layout of the game.

This way we ensure that each aspect of your game is taken seriously and handled with appropriate expertise.

Quality Assurance and User Testing

When you launch a new product its immediate success and virility depend on the reception from first users. Before we release any work, we make sure it was extensively tested for quality, scalability and performance.

  • All apps and games are developed under strict quality control.
  • We conduct extensive user testing to design flawless and engaging user experience.
  • We perform game testing to remove bugs and imperfections
  • And regression testing to ensure your product can continue its lifecycle even if it leaves our hands.


MAMUNHAYDEN-IT were our first choice, they are hard-working and reliable. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.