Email Marketing Solution Services

Email Marketing is a method of communication with potential and existing clients through newsletters. By developing Email Marketing Campaign, your company will:

  1. Keep your clients updated on news and special promotions
  2. Send direct emails to potential clients
  3. Promote your products and services
  4. Increase traffic to your website

Email Marketing Campaign Management Services

Based on your goals and budget, MAMUNHAYDEN-IT can help you with:

  1. Your emails will work on every device Benchmark’s Email Designer creates responsive, mobile friendly templates ready for any device.
  2. Signup forms to expand your audience. Autoresponders that do the follow up for you.
  3. Identifying your target market
  4. Development plan for email marketing campaign
  5. Profitable reseller & dedicated email platform
  6. Setting up account
  7. Integration 3rd party Email Marketing Services
  8. Development Email sign-up forms for website
  9. Design email templates
  10. Manage email list
  11. Track and measure website traffic coming from email campaign

If you are interested in Email Marketing, please give us a call +880-181-624-2264 or fill out Contact Us form and one of our representatives will discuss with best available solution.

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