Ecommerce Solutions Services

Break the physical boundaries of your business with an e-commerce solution!

E-Commerce has the obvious advantage of allowing you to offer your products and services at a national scale.

MAMUNHAYDEN-IT hnologies strives to provide state-of-the-art E-Commerce application development services boasting of website user and search engine friendly and user- friendly characteristics, helping business rank higher. Our E-Commerce services encompasses Ecommerce website design, ecommerce web development, B2B /B2C Ecommerce solution, business eCommerce, e-Commerce store ecommerce storefront, and ecommerce shopping cart and E-commerce payment gateways and any other Custom web based eCommerce solution.

MAMUNHAYDEN-IT specializes in creating a safe, easy to use and attractive online shopping experience for your customers. Our advanced shopping cart system is built on state of the art technologies, allowing your customers to find products fast as well as find the information they need faster.

Our E-Commerce Solutions offer:

  • Support for multiple payment methods
  • Accepting all major Credit Cards Online
  • Support for multiple region based Taxes
  • Offering Various Shipping Methods
  • Automatic Shipping Estimates based on Carriers
  • Tracking orders from Purchase to delivery
  • Viewing Sales Performance Reports
  • Providing reinforcement to customers through automatic follow up emails
  • An easy to use Store Management System with inventory Control
  • Integrations with Selling Platforms such as eBay
  • Integrations with Social Media Platforms such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Custom designed Solutions and Integrations

Our well designed storefront will ensure that money is coming in 24/7. And with mobile support, we can make that process seamless on the go, so you don’t miss a sale.

Our online marketing specialists will assist you at every point to show you how to manage and keep your online store running efficiently.

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