The best services for all your web solutions

Needless to mention a website is vital for every business today. Every company needs to have a website that communicates all the necessary information to its visitors and that is why the number of web design and development companies and online marketing companies are also increasing with time.

But with so many options available for web services one can easily get confused about hiring the right services. So, one need to choose a Web design company or an online marketing company wisely. You must take care of the following factors while making this decision.

  • Go through the portfolio of the company: It is a great help if you know what kind of projects the company has worked on earlier. It will enable you to decide that whether the kind of experience the company is having will match your expectations or not.
  • How long the company is in existence: Make sure that the company does have good years of experience. Enquire about how old the company is. Even if you want to give a chance to a new company you must ensure first that they are using the latest tools and techniques and they have all the latest information about the developments in the market.
  • Get to know about their team of professionals: You must know that the professionals a company has hired are knowledgeable and experienced. Also get to know about the turnaround time, since ultimately they are going to give on online face and repute to your business.
  • Ask for up front pricing: It is better to know in advance the fee a company charges for its services. Ask for a bid from 2-3 companies to compare them.
  • Check references: You can ask from the company directly for references which will help you to know the quality of services they provide and how much satisfied their past clients are with the company. A reliable web design company will not be hesitant to share the references. You can also check online about the reviews of the company.
  • Meet the Company in person: Do not limit your communication to mails or phone and personally meet a company representative to clarify all your doubts and make them understand your expectations and requirements.

These simple tips will help you to find the best Online marketing company and other web services for your business.

Pinterest’s Latest Algorithm Update For Pinning After

If you are an avid user of Pinterest for Business then you may have heard about or even noticed a few changes to the massively-popular platform known for moms and millennials. In order to provide a more seamless experience for marketers and influencers, Pinterest is rolling out a few changes to their algorithm that may have an effect on how you pin.

These changes include the reintroduction of affiliate links, a modification to how repins are counted, and some adjustments to the pin’s description field.  While most people fear change, especially after Instagram’s announcement earlier this year to change their news feed algorithm, these updates to Pinterest are actually a good thing. Here are a few tips to how you can use the new features to your advantage!

Affiliate Links Are Back

Bloggers rejoice – affiliate links are back! In 2014, Pinterest revoked affiliate links from the entire platform because the redirects lead to users seeing low-quality pins they had no interest in, and there was an influx in broken links and spammy content.  Now that Pinterest feels they can better monitor and remove spam, affiliate links have been reinstated which is big news for powerhouse-pinners who use the platform to push their affiliate sales. Even bigger news, you can promote pins with affiliate links!

If you choose to use Pinterest as an additional outlet for your affiliate links, there are few things to keep in mind. Remember to create pins that are visually pleasing and eye catching, just because you are selling something doesn’t mean your followers can’t still connect with the image.  Also make sure you are including the proper disclaimers and don’t spam your followers. Be sure to always keep your audience in mind for every pin and you’ll be on the right track to keep followers instead of turn them away.

Summary Pins

Some Pinterest users are noticing their pins, which originally had a low number of repins, have seemed to go viral overnight. Unfortunately that isn’t necessarily the case, Pinterest is now just counting repins a bit differently. By implementing summary pins, Pinterest is showing users the total number of repins across the entire platform for that specific image and URL, instead of how many repins your account individually garnered with that pin.

There are many reasons to be excited about this new update, one of which is instead of looking at your pins on your personal boards to see only a few repins you’ll now see exactly how that pin is performing across all of Pinterest. This gives you a better idea of what works for you on Pinterest and which pins you should pay to promote.

Description Fields

As part of the algorithm updates, Pinterest was experimenting with some adjustments to the description field for each pin. Pinterest came up with an idea to require an original description each time an image is repined. By doing so this eliminated people’s personal jokes and vague descriptions from circulating around the platform.

While Pinterest ultimately decided not to go this route, it is always best practice to include an original description with your repin. By including your own message you are adding more value to the pin and you are increasing the chances the pin will be found when users search for the keywords that are in your description.

As Pinterest continues to grow at a rapid rate, users can expect more algorithm changes in the future. Pinterest remains dedicated to creating and implementing a seamless user experience, meaning these updates can only help you boost your presence on the platform. For more Pinterest tips, feel free to Contact Us

Online Training Management

MAMUNHAYDEN-IT is a multipurpose online E-learning solutions, that caters to all needs of Educational Institutions to manage its’ administration & e-learning related activities. MAMUNHYADEN-IT helps the educational schools, institutes, colleges and the students to meet their online educational demands.

Indeed we help to change the contemporary process of education management and improve efficiencies also the overall growth of the students’ career with the induction of smart Online E-learning Solutions. Our smart solutions offers a user-friendly and integrated platform with a complete suite of gateway to provide students, faculty and alumni with 24*7 access to the information that are needed.

We offer the best and cutting-edge solutions that provides the entire feature and functionalities to efficiently run your institute and manage the different e-learning processes in a educational institution like –

Advantages of MAMUNHAYDEN-IT:

  • Online Study Materials with Relevant Coursework.
  • Auto Work Assignments & Homework
  • Online Test & Its Assessment
  • Online Exam Preparation & Online Tests Study
  • Supervision Conferencing through Email & Chat Options.
  • Effective E-learning Solutions
  • Cost Effective (One Time Investment)
  • Acquire E-Workplace & Online Learning Experience
  • Impart Live Long Learning
  • Updated With Latest Industry Trends
  • Improve Inter Personal Attributes
  • Globally Accessible
  • Record Keeping with Ease & Security
  • Reduces Manpower Resources
  • Reliability

New Internet Marketing Strategy – Social Media Advertising

Looking back at the old times when internet marketing was just starting, we can all say that things are so different now. Lots of things have changed and clearly, the competition has grown to a whole new level. One of the strategies that have the biggest impact in promoting every business is social media advertising.

In fact, in 2014, statistics show that the spending for newspaper advertising was exceeded by internet advertising. The social media’s biggest name, Facebook, generated nearly $3 billion from its advertising revenue according to its reports in the later part of 2014. Twitter shares the same plot of the story by apprising that 85% of its revenue comes from the same source. Indeed, no one could ever deny the game-changing effect of social media campaigns.

StumbleUpon, P interest, Twitter, Facebook and other social media members are all customers in one way or another. No wonder why it’s almost impossible not to generate sales from posting ads on these social networking sites, considering the millions of users and possible customers you could reach. Creating numerous social media accounts per networking site would be very great. How much more when you start incorporating your contents between these sites by means of linking.

Before we go on further about combining your efforts on each site, let’s not also forget to also focus your attention on carefully studying each networking site individually. Every online social networking service works differently. Members will have various ways of interacting, depending on the website’s platform. What all these lead us to is the conclusion that before fusing them make sure you have carefully studied each site’s identity. For every channel, study the interaction, your reach to your audience and the profile of your possible followers and audience.

Even though advertising on social media greatly involves posting of pictures, videos, events, ads and a whole lot more on your page, one effective game plan you might want to add is doing “meet ups” in order to have personal interaction with your audience. One can never underestimate the wonders of being able to interact with people face to face.

It would also be helpful to still use classic internet marketing approach such as SEO, back linking and other methods if you are really aiming for sales and conversions. Never miss the opportunity of adding activity feeds on your own website so that your regular visitors remain updated. Post regularly but avoid reaching spam level. Making 2-3 posts daily is actually good enough to keep your audience updated in social media advertising.

App development has seen a lot of advancement in the past few years. With high demand from users for apps which are easy to navigate and offer intuitive user interface, there are a lot of iphone app development companies which have come to the fore. Each and every application has to meet the standards set by Apple so as to reduce any security threat to the consumers and offer them a superlative experience.

ipad offers a great user experience with features that include multi-touch to multi- tasking facilities. This offers a great platform for apps development. One can use the large screens for many purposes which includes reading books, documents, making presentations on the go. When it comes to performance, usability and portability; ipads prove to be way ahead of the laptops which are bulky.

An ipad application development company has multiple areas to work upon. Other than the gaming solutions which are in great demand, the apps which are more towards offering users comfort in handling their official and business works through the ipad are gaining a lot of popularity.

Android Apps development

Another area which has brought a paradigm shift in the way the users experienced their mobile phones is the development of the android in October 2008.Most of the devices be it Smartphone’s, tablets and others all run on the android platform. One can understand the popularity of the Android from the fact that within 2 years of its launch there were around 675000 apps available on the platform and around 25 billion downloads from the play store.

Any android application development company needs to follow a standard operating procedure so as to develop the app well in time and offer a great user experience. The applications should have scalability so that changes could be incorporated over a period of time without making much changes in the core structure.

Here are some facts which indicate the trends pertaining to the usage of mobile phones and the apps related to the same.

  1. Mobile presence has reached the levels of 90% and beyond.
  2. Around 56% of the people possess a Smartphone.
  3. Mobile Internet surfing has reached the levels of 50%.
  4. Mobile users spend 80% of their time using different mobile apps.
  5. 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week. 73% of those who own a tablet go for online purchase every week.

Ever since the launch of first iphone in the year 2010, the mobile experience and computing has changed a lot. More and more people are using the Smartphone’s for the apps and internet access and slowly but surely these devices are getting indispensable for people.